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Discover Anime Song Covers with Ease

Detailed, well organized search dedicated for anime song covers. Create self-updating playlists.

Benefits of Using this site

Enhance your listening experience on YouTube

Playlist for Work

Don’t let YouTube’s autoplay distract you by inserting a noisy song. If you ask for piano covers, we only give you what you want!

Skip songs less often

After setting clear search conditions on anime songs, it's less likely to encounter a song you want to skip. This is ideal for use cases like driving.

Explore with fun!

It's a lot easier to explore anime song covers on our search page than YouTube. You can browse and play cover videos on the same page!

A Clear overview of Cover videos

Cover videos are organized in grids. You can browse them easily, and play them with a click.

  • Cover videos displayed in a organized way
  • Filter search results precisely
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Fully Annotated Video Entry

Each cover video is labelled with anime title, song name, and artist. Click the thumbnail to start playing!

  • Click on labels and jump to related pages
  • Labelled with performing language/instrument
A variety of Cover Artists

Prefer dub over sub? Want to stay focused while working?
You can find artists that performs in:


We are still growing this artist list, and here are 6 talented artists who has updated recently!

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    Song list in Anime Page

    Let's take Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as an example.
    In the anime page you'll see a clear song list like this.
    Click to expand and show all song covers!

    • Display song titles in different languages
    • Labelled with opening/ending/OST
    View All Animes
    47 videos, Page
    /247 videos, Page
    5 videos, Page
    /15 videos, Page
    Let It Out
    3 videos, Page
    /13 videos, Page
    Shunkan Sentimental
    Sentimental Moment
    1 video, Page
    /11 video, Page
    Lullaby of Resembool
    1 video, Page
    /11 video, Page

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    Is it legal to share videos outside YouTube?

    Yes it is. YouTube's term of use allows sharing video via YouTube's embedded player, and it is legal as long as the video content is not altered. Besides, I've reached out individual artists and inform them about this usage. If they don't want their videos to be shared here, I will remove them from this website.

    Why didn't I find my favorite artist on your website?

    Because I'm the only admin right now, it's pretty likely that I missed some talented artist. Please send me an email about the artist you like, to help me maintain the artist list! In fact I've already identified 200+ artists on YouTube, and I'm still in the process of adding artists. It could take me months to complete this process because I still have a day-time job. Please be patient!

    Where are vocaloid songs?

    I decided to exclude vocaloid songs because they are not necessarily used in animes. I also wrote a blog post about this, please take a look!

    I found some errors in your website, what now?

    Please kindly send me an email about the error you found! You can help improve this website!

    Disclaimer: YouTube's term of use already allows sharing videos via embeded player, besides I've sent emails to individual artists to notify and double check if they didn't want their videos being shared here.